The primary responsibility of a board is to assure that the organization is prepared for the future and has the resources to bring that about. Yet, a significant challenge is assuring that everyone on the board, and especially the executive committee, knows exactly what is expected of them. Typically officers have a one-year period in which to make their leadership contribution to the organization. Consequently, in order to “hit the ground running”, it is vital that each officer understand exactly what is expected of them and how they can best prepare for that role.


    The primary goal of Human Dynamics' Board Development workshop is to provide a foundation that enables those leaders to achieve their highest level of effectiveness as visionaries and creators of their organization's future. A major role of the board is to see beyond today, define the organization's future, and focus on those things that will make a significant contribution toward future success.


    Despite this challenge, it is well documented that non-profit boards seldom attain the level of vision and achievement, which their organizations need in order to remain viable. Boards continue to focus primarily on the present or near future and on more mundane issues.  This is especially problematic in these times of fast change and complex issues.


    Human Dynamics' Board Development workshop is both interactive and "high level". It acknowledges participants' leadership roles in other settings and builds upon that foundation.

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