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    Managers are often reluctant and find it difficult to write and conduct annual appraisals designed to improve employee performance. Many managers find ways to bypass the formal appraisal process resulting in missed opportunities for communication, goal setting and motivation. Neglecting to conduct performance appraisals as part of an ongoing performance management process leaves the organization at risk without proper documentation supporting job actions such as promotions, terminations or reassignments.


    Human Dynamics has designed a career coaching process that provides a firm’s high potential talent with the opportunity and the structure to explore the future of their career path. The intent is to continue one’s growth and development and do so with the current employer.  HDI’s experience indicates renewed and reinforced loyalty to the employer.


    The career coaching process helps the employee assess their education, their experience, their training, their evolving interests, and skills. They also take on-line developmental assessments which surface other potential strengths, skills, and attributes, which help make the employee and even greater asset or which reveal potential weaknesses, which must be reinforced.  HDI’s coach helps the employee evaluate the data and potential directions. The employee and HDI then meet with management to discuss the employee’s interests and identify developmental steps.


    The outcome is a win-win whereby the employee finds career growth, fulfillment, and longer-term commitment – and the employer benefits from the employee’s expanded skills, abilities, and longer service from a valued person.



    It’s not uncommon that even the most capable leaders at any level sometimes need the perspective, feedback, and counsel of an experienced and objective coach. This might be driven by a new set of challenges, a new role, or simply some needed fine-tuning. Human Dynamics’ consultants bring many years of coaching experience to our clients. They themselves have served in leadership roles, so our consultants are positioned to appreciate their clients’ challenges. This experience is complemented by our continuing research into improving coaching methods and outcomes. HDI begins the coaching engagement by establishing first a positive and trusting relationship. Upon this foundation, HDI’s coach establishes a baseline of information that comes from a combination of sources including dialogue with the coachee and assessments. The coach and the client jointly assess the information to determine key issues on which to focus the engagement. Thereafter, they agree upon the most effective leadership practices and behaviors given the manager’s challenges. They also identify expected outcomes from those practices and the ongoing feedback needed to assure that the leader’s actions and behaviors are getting the desired results. HDI’s coach stays in touch with the coachee for sometime after the engagement has closed in order to assure sustained improvement.

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