In July 1982, Bob and Claire Love realized a long-time dream and founded their own firm, Human Dynamics, Inc. Bob’s vision HDI focused on customized, client-centered solutions. That focus remains the cornerstone of the company to this day. Bob had a strong entrepreneurial spirit and an intense passion and talent for developing people and the organizations they work for.


Not long afterward, Jerry Mooney, PhD joined the HDI consulting team. Jerry’s expertise in industrial organizational psychology perfectly balanced Bob’s expertise in client service, sales, consulting and platform skills. Claire applied her administrative expertise and supported the business as HDI’s office administrator and bookkeeper.


Initially, the Bob and Jerry focused on developing clients in the niche agricultural industry. HDI enjoyed a very positive reputation and became known for their intimate industry understanding and expertise. Bob and Jerry also collaborated with Dr. James Ladley, in authoring a book, “Are Complaints Really Opportunities”. The book focused on complaint handling in the agricultural chemical industry and became a respected “how to guide” for ag sales forces across the United States.


In 1988, Bob’s daughter Kathy Tokerud joined the firm. Her focus was to help diversify the firm’s client base and develop a stronger regional presence in Texas. Within 2 years HDI had successfully developed deep relationships with several large and well-respected companies, including Texas Instruments, Marriott Corporation, AT&T, Southwest Airlines and MCI. In 1990 Bob was diagnosed with cancer. After a hard fought battle, Bob died on January 20, 1992. During the 18 months prior to his death a succession plan was developed. Kathy transitioned into the role of President in the summer of 1991 and assumed a co-ownership role with Claire upon Bob’s passing.


Many events have shaped Human Dynamics since 1992. Building the right consulting team has been one of the most critical elements to the firm’s continued success. The HDI team is made up of a balanced mix of carefully selected full time and adjunct consultants and consulting partners. The current full time consulting and office administration team has been working together for over 15 years. In 2007 Claire Love retired after over 25 years of dedicated and unselfish service as HDI’s office administrator and bookkeeper.


Today, HDI continues to enjoy a diverse client base representing a variety of industries, sizes, private/public, non-profit and geographically dispersed. HDI continues to design various tools, processes and development programs based on specific client needs. In addition, HDI has enhanced their service offerings through carefully select partnerships with other organization development and training partners. These relationships allow HDI to provide a robust and relevant mix of consulting services to address client challenges in a meaningful and focused manner.

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