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    While effective leadership has always been central to a company’s success, the unforgiving marketplace we’ve experienced since 2008 calls even more urgently for skilled, principled, and courageous leaders.  Leadership development is no longer a nice thing to do.  It’s critical to remaining competitive, profitable, and adaptable.  Its critical assuring that the company has the prepared and seasoned talent.


    Great leadership at the supervisory level is every bit as important to a company’s success as the leadership at higher levels.  It’s the supervisor who is the primary interface with employees and with customers.  It’s the supervisor whose focus is to assure that things are running smoothly on a daily basis.  It’s the supervisor who is anticipating and solving problems before they grow and become expensive to solve.  So, it pays to invest in your supervisors and provide them with the leadership skills so that they and their employees are positioned to succeed.


    Achieving Results though People focuses on basic supervisory skills with a strong focus on interpersonal skills enabling front line managers to successfully deal with the “people side” of the business.  A second focus area is observing employee performance and coaching them for greater success.



    Human Dynamics recognizes that all our clients have a unique combination of conditions, goals, challenges, and needs. Occasionally, that combination calls for the creation of a totally customized leadership development experience based on specific client needs. HDI brings extensive experience working in close partnership with our clients to align the development approach and content with the organization’s mission, core values, goals, specific competencies and desired outcomes.  Program design takes into consideration the working environment, delivery approach, timing, level of target audience and desired deliverables. HDI is creative in its approach and ensures the experience is stimulating, practical, and relevant.


    The success and benefits of the airline industry’s simulator training has been documented and well known for years. Human Dynamics has borrowed that concept to provide a similar setting for emerging leaders. The Leadership Simulator provides young leaders a hands-on experience intended to simulate the pressures of problem-solving and decision-making from the seat of a senior executive. The Leadership Simulator is tailored to each company. HDI works closely with the client to select relevant, strategic level topics and current business challenges. It is designed to enable participants to work independently and cross-functionally in assessing and developing recommendations which address the selected challenge. Young leaders develop a presentation of recommendations and present to senior executives, offering an opportunity for robust Q & A and dialogue. Our goal is to push them out of their comfort zones, think more strategically and appreciate the difficulties of sitting in the executive’s seat.

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