Human Dynamics recognizes that all our clients have a unique combination of conditions, goals, challenges, and needs. Occasionally, that combination calls for the creation of a totally customized leadership development experience based on specific client needs. HDI brings extensive experience working in close partnership with our client to align the development, approach, and content with the organization’s mission, core values, goals, specific competencies and desired outcomes. HDI’s program design takes into consideration the working environment, delivery approach, timing, level of target audience and desired deliverables. HDI is creative in its approach and ensures the experience is stimulating, practical, and relevant.


HDI has designed a process that preserves the confidentiality of each participant and elicits their perceptions about the company thus surfacing strengths the company can build on and weaknesses that must be addressed. In over 25 years of serving our clients, HDI has conducted many organizational assessments. Client feedback consistently indicates the accuracy of the findings as well as the practicality of HDI’s recommendations.



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