The speed and intensity of the marketplace, of competition, and of customer demands challenges companies to operate efficiently and effectively. It challenges them and their team members to adapt quickly and work collaboratively as a well-tuned and sophisticated mechanism. And yet, how does the company's leadership know how it is doing as a team of people working toward a common purpose? How do leaders take the pulse of an organization to determine the perceptions of its people at all levels regarding how the company is functioning? Human Dynamics' Snapshot Assessment answers those questions.


    HDI has designed a process that preserves the confidentiality of each participant and elicits their perceptions about the company thus surfacing strengths the company can build on and weaknesses that must be addressed. In over 25 years of serving our clients, HDI has conducted many organizational assessments. Client feedback consistently indicates the accuracy of the findings as well as the practicality of HDI’s recommendations.


    The objective of Human Dynamics’ SnapShot Assessment is straightforward. It is simply to interview the people who work within the company everyday and, through their eyes, assess the current state and health of the company’s culture and practices. HDI’s consultants carefully study the themes and trends emerging from the interviews. We then prepare an in-depth report of findings. These include strengths and weaknesses, possibly some surprises, and very likely, a lot of validation of what may already be suspected but not verified until now.


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