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    Personametrics: The Personametrics Assessment is an excellent complement to the 360-degree assessment.  Whereas the 360 provides feedback from co-workers on how the manager is doing, the Personametrics provides some insight into why that manager is performing the way he does and wherein his potential for improvement lies. Personametrics was created by studying the practices of thousands of managers over 30 years. It has been administered to over 65,000 people, 70% of whom have management or a senior role within an organization.


    DWP: Dealing with People is a program developed by Human Dynamics based on our expertise in the fundamental building blocks to creating healthy, thriving and inspiring workplaces.


    360:In the 360-Degree feedback assessment, Human Dynamics consultants guide the manager through a process to help managers see and understand their strengths and areas for improvement. The participant, with assistance from HDI, then develops strategies for performance improvement. The 360-Degree assessment is one of the most effective ways to provide feedback to managers as seen by boss, peers, and direct reports (hence “360”). Respondents are selected by the participant and the boss. The respondents then answer an on-line questionnaire at HDI’s website. All feedback is anonymous. The coaching process that follows provides participants with feedback regarding their current leadership practices and behaviors as well as practices and behaviors desired by respondents. The outcome of the feedback, the coaching, and the manager’s follow through is a dual benefit whereby both the manager and his/her direct reports are more productive and successful.


    You’ve set the company direction and strategies.  Now you want to make sure you’ve got leaders with the right skills, talents, and qualities.  But what are those?  How do you determine them?  Human Dynamics takes our clients through a process by which the executive team identifies the critical competencies against the backdrop of the company’s vision and direction.  The result is 10 – 15 competencies that are then used as a valuable reference in training leaders, clarifying expectations, assessing performance, promoting people to higher levels of responsibility, assessing external candidates.  In short, the Competency Identification becomes a valuable building block to continuing to drive your culture and take both the company and its leaders to higher performance.

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